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Perfluoro thiols

Fluoro-Telomer Thiols have a general form of F(CF2)x(CH2)ySH, where x= 4, 6, 8, 10 or a letter such as "N" designates a mixture of chain lengths. FHT makes versions where y is 2. Fluoro-Telomer Thiols are used in preparation of surfactants.

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2-Perfluorohexyl ethyl thiol


Description: 2-Perfluorohexyl ethyl thiol
CAS #: 34451-26-8
EINECS #: None
2-Perfluorooctyl ethyl thiol


Description: 2-Perfluorooctyl ethyl thiol
CAS #: 34143-74-3
EINECS #: None
2-Perfluorodecyl ethyl thiol


Description: 2-Perfluorodecyl ethyl thiol
CAS #: 34451-28-0
EINECS #: None
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