Fuxin Heng Tong Fluorine Chemicals Co. Ltd

Chairman's address

Thank you for your interest in Fuxin Hengtong Fluorine Chemicals Co., Ltd!

We rely on your interest, trust and support for our success and development. 

Since its founding in 2004, Hengtong Fluorine has set as its goal to become a world class chemical company by developing a wide range of high quality fluorine containing products. Our dedicated team of professionals has and continues to build Hengtong into a world class fluorochemical enterprise.

Hengtong Fluorine’s technical team is led by a group of PhD’s from America with many years of experience in fluorine chemistry and in the chemical industry. The corporation possesses state of the art manufacturing facilities and product testing apparatus that enables us to produce high quality fluorinated and fine chemicals.

Hengtong fluorine has and will always continue to make new products, and produce high quality products. We value our reputation for excellent customer service and the efficiency of our management. Our goal is to be a first-class enterprise with brand name products, innovative technology and be responsive and efficient to our customers’ needs.

The satisfaction of our customers is a guiding principle of Hengtong Fluorine.  We have achieved trust, support and enjoy harmonious relations from both our domestic and international customers by our responsiveness, first class service and first class quality products. I would like to thank you for choosing us as your partner. I believe that we both will enjoy a long term cooperative and prosperous relationship.  

Let us work together to create our bright future!

Chairman & CEO: 
Wei Qi