Fuxin Heng Tong Fluorine Chemicals Co. Ltd


Fuxin Hengtong Fluorine Chemicals Co., Ltd., [FHT] a subsidiary of the Tianhe Group, is dedicated to the production of fluorine chemicals.  Our company was founded in August 2004, from the combination of Liaoning Tianhe Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd and Jinzhou Hengtong Fluorine Chemicals Co., Ltd.  FHT is located in the Fluorine Chemicals Community, West Pingan Street, Haizhou District, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province encompassing an area of 130,000 square meters.  FHT is a leading enterprise in fluorine chemistry supported by both Fuxin City and Liaoning Province.

Fuxin Hengtong Fluorine Chemicals Co., Ltd. manufactures fluorinated products based on tetrafluoroethylene. The annual output is 1,200 MT of PTFE suspension resin and 600 MT of PTFE dispersion resin. The independently developed fluorinated telomer alcohol series of products has been identified as a national technology support project.  FHT is one of the few enterprises in the world with large-scale production capability for fluorinated telomer alcohols with an annual capacity for these products of 3,000 MT. HFE products are mainly used in refrigeration, foaming, industrial cleaning and solvent applications. Our annual capacity of HFE products is 1,000 MT.  At present FHT has the ability to produce more than 100 fine fluorine chemicals.  FHT’s products are highly sophisticated and internally developed. We have the ability to adapt these products to our customers’ specific needs.  

The corporation has a highly qualified, well-coordinated efficient management team plus a technical group led by American senior PhDs with many years of experience in the field of fluorine chemistry.  FHT has the capability of developing advanced new fluorine containing products. Our R&D center employs advanced modern technology and is equipped with world class facilities and equipment.  To date we have developed over 160 types of fluorine chemicals and products. 

All of our products, industrial processes and research rigorously follow international standards and have been approved by the GB/T19001–2008/ ISO9001:2008 Quality System. FHT has state of the art production equipment.  Due to our technical strength we are able to meet environmental requirements while providing world class products.  A number of the products are the best and highest quality in the world.  Our products enjoy a high reputation for quality and are sold in both domestic and overseas markets.

At present FHT has a staff of 350, 72 of whom have a junior college degree and 53 of whom possess a bachelor’s degree or higher.  We have 32 degreed research personnel, including five PhDs, and four Masters degree holders.